June 28, 2019

Post Trump world (Part 1)

Watching the Democrats debate health care coverage for undocumented (illegal) immigrants last night got me thinking. This brief piece in particular, in case you missed it:

Free health care for illegal immigrants is what they are all raising their hands to agree on. But free comes at a price.

I really should be supporting the Democrats if they want to decriminalize illegal immigration and throw in free health care. I want to be an American someday and this group would make it really easy for me to come in and get free health care coverage. What a deal! So why don't I support these lunatics? Because the proposed idea will obliterate what America is. Firstly America would be crushed under the burden of easy citizenship and free health care. There would be no America left of which to be part. It raised the obvious question: Why struggle to be part of something that you end up destroying? 

It's just like the liberals who are fleeing liberal states (e.g. California, New York, New Jersey) for a better life in conservative states (like Texas) and them trying to vote those states into liberal becoming ones with socialist policies and making them have the same problems they were trying to leave behind in the first place. 

 The suicidal tendencies of liberals are unbelievable. This extends to both sides of the illegal immigration equation. Democrats see the illegal immigrants as future locked in voters, damn the American solvency issues. Damn what America was that made it great, our power is all that matters. And the illegal immigrants trying to escape the destitution-inducing effects of socialism in their home countries come to American and end up voting for socialist government policies that they were trying to escape. That is suicidal for both parties. 

And establishment Republicans who want the importation of cheap labor or offshoring of jobs to serve corporate bottom lines are looking at it at the expense of American jobs and at the expense of American national solvency and are exhibiting the same national suicidal tendencies. They clearly are too short sighted or are equally anti-American as their socialist counterparts in the Democrats party.

What is needed is a coalition of labor and small business against the self serving dictates of the cabal of establishment Republicans, socialist Democrats and big business that is bad for everyone else in America. That's a tough sell in today's partisan climate but it is the solution to stopping the otherwise inevitable.

Enter president Trump and his not entirely surprising upset presidential win.  Main street voted against this self-serving cabal that would drive America off the cliff, not only economically but notionally regarding the founding principles that made America great (i.e. the ideas of free speech, equal justice under the law, equal opportunity).

But President Trump is not going to be around forever, even if he is re-elected in a landslide. What happens after Trump? There is no one else on the GOP side who is openly America first. Remember America first is not a bad thing.  Democrats would kill the golden goose in their greed for money and power.  So too would establishment Republicans and crony-capitalism big business.  So too would too many immigrants incapable of being self-sustaining. No, nationalism is not a bad word. To do the greatest good in the world America has to be alive to do it.  In an airplane emergency they always tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping someone else.  There is a reason for that.  

If America is uniquely great (and it is), it is nationalism (i.e. the national interest) that will sustain that greatness. Wanting to accept everyone in and be just like Europe in every way is a recipe for becoming something other than America. It is a recipe for failure. After decades of postmodernist anti-Americanism being inculcated into our children through public education, the media and culturally become Europe is in fact what too many Americans seem to want.  I fear post Trump that is a very plausible eventuality. 

To be continued.

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