June 25, 2019

Iran is itching for war

Clearly Iran is not interested in diplomacy.  Or at a minimum the sanctions are really really hurting them and they are trying to scare president Trump, who many claim has blinked on Iran by not responding to Iran's downing of a U.S. drone, into backing off on the sanctions.

President Trump is no 3D chess master that some of his supporters claim, but he is clearly very shrewd and most certainly knew, when he gave Iran some breathing room, that one possible outcome would be that they have escalated their war of words on the United States. A lot of his comments on various situations are along the lines of "we'll see what happens", knowing that he has a next step planned regardless of the potential reaction of the other side - in this case, Iran. He had to have known this was a possibility and likely already had a plan of action for it.

What that action might be is hard to say. He may prefer the added sanctions deepen the trouble for Iran and slowly strangle them into behaving like an honest and fair player in geopolitics. Maybe he does initiate a military action in response to Iran's next provocation. We'll have to wait and see. No doubt though, he has a plan. Who knows, maybe he really is playing 3D chess.

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