March 12, 2019

#WarOnFreedom - episode 1.

Conservatives have, for decades borne the brunt of the media's complete ostracism and denial of their voices. Previously the media has relied on making their viewpoint more prominent and downplaying anything that is different as fringe. Prior to getting balance from Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, they could just shout down anyone who disagreed very easily. Then came a brand new medium - the internet.  Great ideas like YouTube and Twitter were adapted by both sides of the political aisle (as well as by funny cats).

But since the Obama era at least, the silencing has taken on the new dimensions of technical censorship. Patreon, Google (especially through YouTube), FacebookTwitter and others have all tried to slowly, and not subtly remove any voice that dissents against progressive liberalism (details/examples in the links). They have done so using trumped up charges of racism, sexism, and homophobia (among other reasons). Often banning, shadow banning (yes, it's a real thing), de-funding and de-platforming were done for things that did not even happen on their specific platform or for faintly applied nontransparent standards that have been applied at least selectively but more often than not, politically subjectively.

The most recent history of this played out through Joe Rogan.  This is just the latest example of an ongoing effort to silence the conservative viewpoint.  The story played out in an interesting way as you can follow below.

Firstly Joe Rogan had Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on his show in early February.  He happened to touch on the issue of de-platforming censorship of Alex Jones, albeit all too briefly.

Joe Rogan realized two days later that he had give short shrift to the issue and had let Dorsey off far too easily.  He was moved to actually apologize for not being more on top of the issue:

Joe Rogan then did the honorable thing and had Dorsey, along with a flippant Trust & Safety leader within Twitter, and a left-leaning liberal YouTuber Tim Pool,  to debate the selectivity that conservatives know is rampant on Twitter. Tim Pool deserves our respect.  Despite being a liberal, he is a champion of free speech and came loaded for bear with examples of Twitter duplicity and malfeasance.  He did a very respectable job of challenging the Twitter execs who were in no mood to admit to having done anything wrong, ever.  They came across as not only condescending, morally blinkered and self-righteous, but also possessing the belief that they are truly untouchable and brilliant.

Not everyone on the Left thinks that what these big media companies are doing is wrong.  Some realize that silencing free speech is a path that leads to it being used against potentially everyone in the future.  Their desire to protect the free speech of their political foes is not a matter of sympathy, it's just common-sense self preservation.  Nevertheless taking an unpopular stand can be self-defeating if you are on the left. So they do deserve our appreciation.

Tim Pool followed up his Rogan appearance with an analysis and self-evaluation on David Rubin's YouTube Rubin Report.

Many on the right have called for either regulation or the breaking up of  these tech behemoths (a normally liberal position) for being selectively autocratic in their banning.  In addition to a number of other relevant examples of violence-inciting liberals not being banned as well as conservatives not being banned, this following video shares a guest on Tucker Carlson explaining why breaking up these behemoths is not just a simple matter, free of unintended consequences.

This #WarOnFreedom is raging right in front of you and it will end up in your home if you do not take up the side that is right and actually fight for it.  The right side is just this; that freedom is ingrained in the fabric of America, and liberty is impossible without it.  Every American must put free speech at the forefront of their core beliefs because without it, America is no longer America.

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