October 2, 2018

Midterms Matter: For Nevada Senate, please support Dean Heller

Current polling puts Dean Heller's liberal Democrat and frequentlyethically flawed, false claim purveying challenger ahead of the incumbent Senator.  When you have a choice between a true homegrown Nevada-first senator and this, the choice should be obvious - common sense or this:

Despite that she holds a narrow lead over Dean Heller and she has been raising and spending more money than him.  In order to get elected she has resorted in the past to having been as evasive as possible.  Obfuscation is not a desirable quality in a politician and electing that sort will definitely lead to buyer's remorse in voters.

Dean Heller, meanwhile has stood up for common sense;
Since coming to the U.S. Senate, Dean Heller has passed more than 100 different pieces of legislation into law including his proposals to protect Nevada’s 300,000 military veterans, support small businesses, boost the state’s tourism economy, and fight vile crimes such as human trafficking.
Senator Heller needs your support in this critical election.  Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website.  And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

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