July 27, 2018

In case you missed it, president Trump = winning

Again, and again.
The second quarter GDP was released today.  A booming 4.1%  that puts America on track for an annual GDP for 2018 above 3%, something that was unfathomable, unattainable under Obama.

Predictably, as with the great deal the president got with the E.U. on trade recently, the media coverage was tepid at best.  No credit where it is clearly due:

Keep in mind that president Trump inherited a GDP during his first quarter as president of 1.2% in Q1 of 2017 (a quarter shared by president Trump and former president Obama, following a 'booming' 2.9% in Q4 of 2016).

But president Obama was lauded for his economic record, which is notable pretty much only for not falling into a recession and keeping the country's head just above water for an extended period of time.

Here's an example:
The current economic expansion that started in June 2009 has lasted more than seven and a half years, making it now about the third-longest the U.S. has ever experienced.

Over the course of President Obama’s entire time in the White House, which included the tail end of the Great Recession, the economy grew on average by 2 percent each year. While this is a fairly moderate pace by historical standards (3 percent has been more typical of past expansions), it’s faster than during President George W. Bush’s two terms in office. And most importantly, the growth has been remarkably steady.
 So the formula is blame Bush, and take credit for tepid as if president Obama was a genius. Right.  The same article notes some troubles under Obama:
This is not to say that there aren’t problems. Economic growth has been below potential, and many workers are still suffering from disproportionately high unemployment, particularly African-Americans, Hispanics and people with less education.

But all in all, Trump inherited a strengthening economy that just needs a little help and specific interventions to help a wider swath of Americans share more quickly in the continuing economic gains.
It's worth noting that under president Trump African American and Hispanic unemployment are at historic lows under president Trump. A turnaround as dramatic as that does not come from riding on your predecessor's coattails, it comes from innovative thinking and major change. President Trump is definitely winning. The GOP need, desperately to make sure that the voting public see that. If there's been a failure during the Trump presidency, that drumbeat communication of success from everyone, in unison, is clearly it. 

That's not the president's fault, he owns the success and he hammers the message, what's lacking is the GOP choir. Let's hope they get to the chorus in unison before we get to the midterm elections. I don't see a Blue Wave happening, but there's no hidden Red Wave at this point either. The GOP seem to be doing their level best to lose a little bit of ground instead of a lot.  That's a recipe for failure. They are up against the Democrats, the media, and most importantly, their own reluctance to fight back hard against the lies, half-truths, and misdirection that is used against the president.  In individual races, you are not going to 'nice' your way into victory.

I'm just saying.

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