December 18, 2017

President Trump will win re-election.

Despite the pack of partisan wolves attempting a take down of a duly elected sitting president, things are ticking along quite well for America in president Trump's first year.  The president has done a lot to ensure things will get better in America. President Trump's job approval ratings appear to be rising, despite the blind, bitter hysteria of the mainstream media. Take that George Will.

Meanwhile, what the hell was president Obama up to while in office when he let Hezbollah traffic drugs into America and allow hundreds of millions in money laundering?  That's the real treason.  All of this and Hillary Clinton's civil war will add up to a president Trump re-election and a decent 2018 for the GOP, assuming the tax reform bill gets signed in the next week or so.  Quote me on that.

I've shied away from political predictions in the past, but despite all the talk of a Democratic wave election in 2018, I'm not seeing it at all.  In fact, the Democrats' efforts to torpedo the president since before Day 1, combined with the Republicans' infighting in the senate has actually helped both the president and the GOP.

By delaying tax reform until the eve of 2018, the big rev-up of America's economic engine will happen just in time for the November midterms, instead of a year earlier and having perhaps become the new normal and therefore discounted by election night.  And if that's the case, and jobs and economic growth are in full swing, then a possible Republican expansion in the senate is not only still possible but even likely. And if that's the case imagine what becomes possible between 2018 and 2020 in terms of real reform.

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