April 18, 2017

It's special election day in Georgia. Trump beware.

Democrats once again as in Kansas are predicting a deep red state victory for their candidate in a special election.  In Kansas, Democrats lost.  In Georgia, over a dozen Republicans are running against a sole Democrat who is positioning himself as a conservative.  If no candidate reaches 50% a runoff election among the two top vote getters will occur.  Democrats are banking on REpublican disunity and hoping their candidate can break the 50% threshold.

Democrat Jon Ossoff dismissed concerns Tuesday over the fact that he doesn't live in the Georgia congressional district in which he's running for a House seat.
Just like in Kansas, Democrats are going to be disappointed. Just like with president Bush, Democrats have one playbook while out of power - chip away constantly at the president's approval rating using their compliant media allies.

But this is is a deep red state and while they have media momentum still on their side (for now), it's just too big to overcome a deep red state win. Conservatives in Georgia (and in general would do well to remember that any Democrat, no matter how conservative they portray themselves, vote party line. Regardless, Democrats will claim a win after their candidate leads the pack prior to the runoff election that will surely follow. Expect their glee to be relatively short lived.

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