August 8, 2015

Tackle Trump head on, don't dis-invite him!

For all the hand wringing over Trump vs. Megyn Kelly, and Trump's tweet, did it not occur to anyone that dis-inviting Trump from an event in Atlanta might be the sign Trump takes as Republicans and their supporters not being fair to him that causes him to decide to run as an independent and guarantee Hillary a victory?

Trump is not demanding that he be crowned the GOP candidate.  He's asking to be treated fairly. Yes his comments against Kelly were harsh. Does that merit an exclusion from the Atlanta event?  It seems a little overly high-handed and harsh. And Trump would not be out of line thinking he's being singled out. So banning him from the debate - he's still leading in the polls for now - is asking him, taunting him, into initiating a third party run.

Damn conservatives can be so stupid some times! 

Erik Erickson, whom I normally respect, should confront this head on if he has an issue with Trump.  After all, if Trump eventually offends every conservative and Republican, he's not going to win anything.  And the more opportunities he has to speak, the sooner his act will wear thin.  And if not, well than maybe you're being too thin-skinned about his comments. 

Don't be a coward.  Give him a platform, Trump will bring his own rope. Don't give him one and he'll bring a gun.

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