August 17, 2015

Scott Walker going "Me too" on policy?

This was probably the guy I felt had the best shot at being the Not Bush nominee.  But after a lackluster debate performance, Scott Walker seems to already be on panic mode.  Rumor has it he's thinking about a staff shakeup.

And then there's this 'me too' policy positioning.

Via Hot Air;
Now here’s Walker, who spent the first few months of the year desperately trying to atone for his previous squishiness on immigration as a pol in Wisconsin by taking the hardest line in the GOP field on amnesty, including heavy hints that he might reduce legal immigration as president to protect American workers. Two months after Trump got into the race talking about Mexican rapists and a day after he finally revealed his immigration plan, Walker’s reduced to telling reporters that Trump’s plan is a lot like his own and that, like Trump, he too would eliminate birthright citizenship for children born to illegals inside the U.S. That’s a controversial position, one possibly further to the right than even Walker would have been willing to go had Trump not joined the race. But that’s the power of Trumpmania: It’s capable of moving the entire field towards a stronger conservative stance, at least on select issues.
While the policy shift towards legal immigration and strictness on illegals, and then some, is a shift towards America first conservatism and away from his former wishy-washy stance, it's still painful to watch a candidate so well versed in fighting liberals, looking for an angle and seeming sheepish about it. It's not pleasant to watch.

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