August 9, 2015

Obama trying hard not to be a lame duck

The president really wants to cement his legacy over the last part of his tenure.  Having broke bread with Cuba, he's turned his attention to Iran.  He's apparently seeking to be the president who finally put to rest decades-old fights with other nations.  It probably has never occurred to him that there was always a reason those fights existed and, he's certainly never considered the unintended consequences of unmerited generosity in negotiations or foreign policy.  He's going to end up doing more harm than good in his supposedly lame duck years.

Here's his speech, absolutely vilifying those who oppose his quest for an Iran deal. It's disgusting, but it proves Obama is all about himself and his own glorification.

He points out that everyday Iranians have incentive to push their government towards conciliation. That's the most infuriating part - where the hell was that notion when this was going on in 2009???

Face it Mr. President, you messed it up, badly. This deal will not fix that.

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