August 17, 2015


Hillary Clinton is so rife with scandal, she deserves her own 'gate' scandal moniker (or should that be Monica?).

Today alone on Drudge, there's a story about the classified emails on her server now tallying up to 305. There's no way that's the final number, it's going to go up. Another story details how well over 17,000 emails are missing entirely.  I'm sure there's nothing to see in any of those.  Move along folks. Woodward, yes he of Watergate fame, says it reminds him of the missing Nixon tapes

This is only going to get worse.  Mostly that's true because Hillary will continue to not care.  There's nothing more important than her being president. Laws? She scoffs at laws.  I was wrong about her being as bad as Obama as a president.  She'd be worse.

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