August 5, 2015

Canada's having an election too

On October 19th, Canadian's go to the polls for a national election.  On the same night as the first GOP candidates debate(s), the Canadian leaders will stage their first debate.  Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is seeking a fourth term and a second consecutive majority government.  He's facing some stronger headwinds this time than in previous elections. While former uber-liberal Prime Minsiter Pierre Elliot Trudeau's neophyte and ill-prepared son has faded as a current threat, the socialist New Deomcratic Party has surged to the front of the polls.  And in seat projection, it's very tight.  Out of 338 seats (it used to be 308),
The Conservative Party and New Democratic Party are tied for the projected average number of seats with 127 seats and are 43 seats from winning a majority government.
Harper's in tough and he needs a good debate like he had last time around. Yet he has also not done a lot for his base. Taxes remain stubbornly high and he's using tax refund tricks to buy votes in a really cynical and progressive liberal choosing winners sort of way. That's going to help him with some voters and annoy those, like myself, who are left out of the largess.

While I am not happy with the Harper government, I recognize every other alternative would be far worse, especially the prospect of an NDP government.

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