October 29, 2012

Politicizing Sandy

There has been some discussion today about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on the election. I actually have to give president Obama credit for saying he was worried about people being impacted and that the election would sort itself out.  But pundits have talked about it impacting early voter turnout.  That's not the real issue.  The election is a week away.  Those who were going to vote early can still vote on election day even if it is an inconvenience for them. If high turnout helps Obama, and some of those people who would turn out for Obama need to vote early, then there is some sort of problem for the Obama campaign.

But the impact of that should be small.  The real politicization will happen after Obama loses, and it's seeming more and more like he will lose, the election.  The storm will be blamed for the Obama loss.  Perhaps not the storm alone, but it will be part of the rationalizing of the Obama loss.  The reason will not cannot be his policies or his lack of results.  It has to be the storm, his poor debate performance and Republican SuperPACs that caused Obama to lose.

Why would it matter more to the left why Obama lost rather than the implications of the loss?  Because it will give them a rationale for opposing any part of Mitt Romney's agenda.  Deny him a mandate because his win wasn't fully legitimate.  He didn't really win, he got lucky against a better man, and America's true wishes and intebtions.

Oh, and there's those Diebold voting machines...

It would be frustrating to watch this happen if it weren't so funny.

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