July 19, 2011

Vacuum drawing in GOP potential?

It's been said natures abhors a vacuum.  Apparently, despite the surge by Michele Bachmann, there's still a vacuum at the top of the GOP primary contenders list.  The vacuum exists in all the space that belongs to Not Romney.  With that in mind, Texas Governor Rick Perry is looking seriously at running, and Sarah Palin knows whether she's running and will announce late in the summer.  And now, the one everyone seems to be pining for, Chris Christie looks like he's headed to Iowa.

For some not so inclined to support Romney all those competing to take up the Not Romney space in addition to Bachmann, Cain and the rest of the undistinguished but crowded field, this would seem to be bad news as they might complicate matters for each other and actually make things easier for Romney.  I'd say that's not the case.  If they all ran it would be a good thing.  More choice is a good thing.  Cream rises to the top.  Nature abhors a vacuum.

Analogies aside, the diffusion of Not Romney votes isn't self-defeating. Romney voters are not altogether intractable, and could be more dissuaded from supporting him with more choice and more attention on the race as higher profile candidates enter the race.  Defeating Romney aside too, more choice is better too.


  1. The 2 hour televised debate will be over before the host finishes introducing everybody.

  2. LOL. Just until the dead weight drops out (um, Huntsman).


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