July 21, 2011

Great News: Buddy Roemer's in the GOP race

Is this Donald Trump 2.0, a planted Democratic version of Operation Chaos?  Who the heck is Buddy Roemer?  He's got the populist talk on a few items but he's just not a true conservative.  In fact, he's governed as a Democrat not too long ago.

Crowded field.
He served as the 52nd Governor of Louisiana, from 1988 to 1992. He was elected as a Democrat but switched to the Republican Party in 1991 - not long before his tenure ended. Prior to that he served in Congress from 1981 to 1988, also as a Democrat. Though he frequently supported Reagan, and fought with Democratic leadership, he remained in the party. He tried a comeback 1995, suddenly more conservative, probably as a matter of convenience, but he still lost. His conversion to the GOP seems a matter of convenience more than anything else. How squishy is Roemer? In 1990, Roemer vetoed a pro-life bill authored by Democratic Senator Mike Cross - he said it was incompatible with Roe v. Wade.

Why is he running? He wants to drill for oil in the United States. That seems to be a big driver, but is he really needed for that?  Every other GOP candidate occupies that same space.  Offshoring jobs is another issue that seemingly drives him.  Is there another candidate who isn't espousing better conditions for companies in the United States?  There's no reason for him to be in this race.

He's a fairweather Republican, he doesn't occupy unique or much needed space, but apparently he can speak well.  Those are some pretty weak credentials. It seems to me that when the Democrats tried something similar in 2008 with someone with a good speaking skill set (supposedly) and who in reality had little in common with those he tried to empathize with, it didn't work out so great for America.

Buddy Roemer?  He should be polling lower than Newt, and hopefully he'll stay there.  Conservatives seem eager to have another candidate in the race.  Roemer's not it.


  1. I watched this bozo on Greta last night. Refused to answer one question directly! Hem and haw, blah blah blah! The only thing he had to say which he repeated over and over is we need to drill and get out from under OPEC, That was it! Another "Republican Light" to be sure. Very disappointing.

  2. He's definitely not the answer. I don't normally watch her show but I did catch some of that piece as well as him referencing Donald Trump, who apparently isn't completely out of the running as an independent.

    These guys are to my mind a cross between a Manchurian candidate and a Ross Perot voter displacement effort to water down the GOP's rising prospects.

  3. I know nothing about him, but at least two of my blog readers (it's easy to keep track when there are so few of them) are from Loozyanna. They aren't too impressed. And anybody who could lose an election to David Duke has to be pretty awful.

    I guess we just have to hope at this point that he doesn't say/do anything foolish that puts the whole GOP in a bad light.

  4. I hadn't thought of that angle. Hopefully he never gets above 2% and warrants no attention. Then he can't reflect too badly on the party as a whole, no matter how foolish he might get.


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