November 8, 2008

A note from a friend.

I was chatting via email with a black friend of mine (he's neither American, or African). He had originally favoured Obama, but by quoting or pointing him to articles in places like National Review Online or Hot Air, I had opened his eyes I think to a broader spectrum of ideas. After calling me out on my preference, he not too surprisingly replied with this:

"Very well put and I also do not favor one over the other. It all comes down to being a good president once the campaigning is over. As much as I like of the biggest change will be that he becomes the first black president- however it takes more than that. One thing is for sure in my black community is that they are pushing for Obama and if he becomes president they will also be one of his harshest critics. McCain I have nothing against him either- other than he does not appear to be very convincing.

I simply don't think either of these guys have what it takes. Obama would be a breath of fresh air given what we have had with the Bush Administration, however I also don't think he will be good at making those tough decisions- something I think McCain could do better. By the way the one characteristics I have always liked about Bush is his ability to make tough decisions even when the rest of the world is against you- this takes balls and some wold have a good argument to say a lot of arrogance (I left this one open).

Keep in mind my opinion means very little as I do not like politics, have next to no knowledge on the subject(although a lot more now thanks to Dean) - nonetheless I'm still entitled to an opinion."

My point is that discussion, intelligent thought-out, reasoned persuasion, can still work on an open mind. The Independents of America, are always up for grabs. Don't fall for this shift leftward mirage.

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