July 6, 2024

U.K.'s leftward drift, and maybe a silver lining?

As I said, in the U.K. the Labour Party is bound to drag the country leftward, well out of step with the U.S., most of Europe and eventually, Canada as well when they have their next election.  Paul Joseph Watson, breaks it down.  While I disagree with his take on the problems with "first past the post" elections, he does find some good news in the U.K.'s rejection of faux conservatism:

I get his frustration, but the first past the post tends to work better in the long run for conservatives, than it does for the left.  In Canada, the Reform Party from 1987 grew to the point where it replaced the conservative party as the conservative viewpoint by the time the party merged with the conservative party.

In five years, in the U.K., the Reform U.K. party will be much stronger much faster than it's Canadian counterpart took to get there.

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