November 8, 2023

RFK Jr. is not a populist

From the beginning I didn't understand why conservatives and libertarians were giving RFK Jr. a pass. I mean fundamentally when he was running a primary against Let's Go Brandon, I understood why: it was to divide Democrats and negatively impact their votes. But suddenly RFK Jr decided to run as an independent and I wondered, why didn't conservative pundits see this coming?  All the while they were giving runway to RFK Jr to steal away votes not from Let's Go Brandon but rather from Donald Trump.  

Even if he were a serious contender for president, this is concerning enough to disqualify him from consideration:

He's a leftist, period.  If that doesn't show you it, you are willfully blind.

The Democrat playbook for 2024 is to make president Trump fight a multi-front war.  They know they cannot beat him in a straight up political battle. So they have decided to make president Trump fight in court for a bunch of spurious charges and actions.  One court case wasn't enough, either.  They have started multiple court cases because they need president Trump's attention divided.

Whether RFK Jr. is in on the game plan or not, doesn't matter at this point.  In addition to the multi-front war Donald Trump has to fight in court, he now has to also worry about RFK Jr. siphoning off populist voters in addition to Let's Go Brandon's giant cheat-machine manufacturing voters to help him win.  Despite the positive polling news, this is still an uphill battle for president Trump's re-election in 2024. 

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