October 9, 2023

Geopolitics of Hamas and Israel

Remember when president Trump was leading the United States and Middle Eastern countries were signing peace deals with Israel?  Good times, good times. But after Let's Go Brandon 'acquired' 81 million votes to become president one of the things he's done was to give Iran $6 billion because apparently he can't give everything to Ukraine.  Anyway, Iran is a primary sponsor of Hamas, and weeks after the 'humanitarian aid' Hamas rains down rockets on Israel.  This is not a coincidence. It's not even stupidity on Let's Go Brandon's part.  There are a lot of Hamas sympathizers in his inner circle. It is at a minimum unintentionally deliberate.

Here's Peter Zeihan's take (keep in mind he's a Democrat-leaning analyst and is giving Let's Go Brandon credit for the work the Trump administration did in the Middle East.  Otherwise the fallout and what to look for portion of his take is worth noting).

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