August 11, 2023

Chipping away at the foundation

If I were a communist I would want to take down the economy of the most powerful free market economy in the world, the United States. And in an adversarial role, you cannot simply go head to head economically with an economic superpower. You have to chip away at the edges. You have to make the United States spend money on things it shouldn't have to spend on so that you can level the playing field.  That means you go for the edges, like creating a need to build a border wall (not that the need for one was created by communists), or better still, you chip away at the foundation.

I've always said that without a robust economy you cannot do anything else (military, social security, education) and without those you have nothing - it's all about the economy.  I still believe that.  But a robust economy has to be founded on something. Yes there's a need for an abundance of land, labor and capital.  But some countries have those things and still flounder (Russia).  Why is that? I think it's because there is another ingredient required.  More foundational than an economy is a system that enables that economy, one founded on common sense, which is founded on values, which is founded on irrefutable principles

So a communist in order to subvert American principles of life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and honorable behavior such as the Golden Rule, which in turn is deeply rooted in Christianity), you have to chip away at those, not the economy directly.  You remove the family and replace it with welfare and the education state.  You remove liberty and replace it with security (i.e. government protections).  You remove incentive and replace it with handouts.  You remove the pride in country and replace it with shame and then divide people into warring factions full of vitriol and hatred for each other. And of course you remove common sense and replace it with digestible, repeatable propaganda. You use emotion instead of logic, but logic would halt your sabotage in its tracks. 

In case you haven't noticed, all of this and more has been happening in America for decades.  It accelerated dramatically under president Obama. And while the people tried to pause it with president Trump it only abated slightly, the vitriol and hatred on one side even got dramatically worse. Under Let's Go Brandon (I see the irony of that being vitriolic) it has resumed apace. 

The infectious poison of communism established roots in America that long outlasted its source, the Soviet Union. America, that truly by now could be a bastion of hope and opportunity, is in decay.  People have slowed it for a time here and there but not vanquished or rooted out the source of the problem, which spread from places like university intelligentsia to every corner of the country.

This is the point we are at. People are awakening to it, but whether it is in sufficient numbers to stem the tide of failure and havoc this will wreak is not yet clear. 2024 will be very telling.

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