August 1, 2023

Economic conservatism alone equals disaster

The other day I was listening to Breitbart on satellite radio, and the host was talking with a conservative millennial.  The guest was saying that his generation consisted of a lot of people who were fiscally conservative but socially liberal.  Better than nothing I suppose, but not a recipe for a strong America in the long run.  My immediate thought was "Oh, that's not good."

The guest went on to explain how conservatives should frame their argument to millenials using that lens.  I get it; you have to know your audience and speak to them in ways that reach them; use their terminologies, appeal to their innate sensibilities.  These are good ways to connect and improve your chance of winning debates, gaining voters etc. In addition, I have always maintained that the number one factor for keeping America great, or making it great again, is the economy.  Without a strong, robust economy, you have no military, you have no education, you end up like Rwanda, destitute and hopeless.  (Sorry Rwanda if that's hurtful but comparatively speaking, it's true).  So it would seem that I get the point. Economic conservatism matters most.

But it's not the whole equation. Social liberalism is inherently flawed and leads to social policies that deteriorate the United States economically but even more importantly morally and spiritually. Ultimately it would also lead to economic decay as well.  But even if it doesn't would you recognize the United States where the economy is great, business is robust, employment is low, abd wealth is high BUT abortion is legal at any point, assisted suicide is encouraged, illegal immigration is rampant, crime is rampant, corruption is rampant, drag shows in kindergarten are the norm?  Would you want to live in a country like that?

I know I wouldn't.  And a socially liberal society, inevitably ends up there. The past 50 years in all of the Western world is proof.  Not only that, it also inevitably invites socialism because all these ridiculous causes become in turn the cause celebre. They all need funding. Everyone is still a victim. Every crazy idea must be elevated. Bud Light must prevail. You get the idea.

As a strongly economic conservative it is my belief that it must stem from social conservatism first and foremost, or else it is hollow, it is sewing the seeds of its own death. Morality is at the root of everything good.  Eschewing that, you either have nothing or will end up with nothing.

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