May 2, 2023

Damn Sellouts!

I am old enough to remember rock stars and movie stars talking about the ideas of others in their profession being sellouts for endorsing brands, appearing in commercials, or even making their music too pop-sounding in order to obtain commercial success. I always found that weird; if you have a message in your songs that you want people to hear, I would think you would want to make it sound as poppy as possible in order to get more people to hear it.  As for having a corporate sponsor for your tour in exchange for a banner above your stage, or having a Pepsi can appear in your movie in exchange for some funding of the movie; those aren't really major compromises.  They are more like compromises in order to get the project done.

There was a time not too long ago when Elizabeth Warren (and later Obama) claimed "you didn't build that"?  It took a village or whatever.  But that doesn't apply to Nirvana, right? The duplicity is palpable. Compromise is an intrinsic part of life, no matter the endeavor. It's not a Big Deal. It's not like Rage Against The Machine were pumping out hits about Home Depot and Shamwow (like either really needed their help).

SIDE NOTE: I couldn't help including this not really relevant but truly funny video. Don't worry, I'm not selling out, this commercial is just pure gold. More below the video:

The point is, selling out was considered a bad thing by the cool kids. At the time it seemed like perhaps there was a note of jealousy due to, I don't know, a lack of equivalent success or talent. For me at least, for a lot of people it was just the opposite; "I used to like them before they sold out." Remember hearing that?

What is truly ironic about all of that is that these same people, or at least their ilk, were perfectly willing to sell out to Dr. Fauci and by proxy Pfizer et. al. thanks to Covid. They are perfectly willing, salivating in fact, to sell out to vapid environmentalism minus any factual due diligence. They are willing to sell out to the biggest schills of them all, federal governments.  In an era of crony capitalism this is especially dangerous. They are selling out to big government and big business and have become truly, useful idiots.

Worse still, big government has sold itself out to unions, environmentalists, wokesters, LGBTQ+ (or whatever that alphabet acronym is at this week), ANTIFA to name but a few. It has become a coalition of sellouts: the foolish, leading itself, and everyone else they can drag along, off an inevitable cliff, with no leader.  It has achieved its own critical mass and no longer requires a leader to continue to snowball faster and faster. It is a literal path to ruin.  

Good; let it ruin itself.  But no, we can't allow that because it is dragging the rest of America, the rest of the Western world along with it. We cannot let that happen.

This is where the Bud Light boycott comes in; finally we are not letting that happen.  We have drawn a line in the sand to say the snowball stops here. The corporate sellout to wokeism stops here. We are setting an example with our dollars.  And dollars are what really matter at the end of the day. After all, that was the argument back in the olden days when someone became too big. Perhaps it has come full circle - artists no longer sell out to corporations but the reverse is true. But the cool kids still stop paying attention to the sellouts, in this case it happens to be Bud Light.

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