May 13, 2022

My (probably) (brief) time with COVID.

I missed posting yesterday due to a sudden onset sickness which may or may not have been COVID.  I'm guessing it probably was though. For example, I had a bit of spaghetti yesterday and it barely tasted but what I could taste was like soap. The last two days have been rough, but I'm already recovering. All things considered, it wasn't so bad.  I mean it was very unpleasant and not to be taken lightly.  But to be honest, not having been vaccinated, I thought it would have been way worse without the vaccinations to 'limit the symptoms'.

2 days of chills, fever, massive headaches, a bit of digestive issue and some minor congestion and respiratory problems and nothing worse.  Advil was all I took - for the headaches and fever. We shut down the world for 2 years, and some want it to continue indefinitely. I cannot see the logic in that math.

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