January 12, 2022

Is it going to be a red wave in 2022?

 Here are three views on what is going to happen in the midterm elections. First Tim Pool explains why he sees a red wave coming.

Next, Red Eagle Politics discusses what he sees as the best case for Republicans in 2022 in the senate and governorship races:

And lastly, the left-leaning Let's Talk Elections has a reasonable assessment of what he sees as the 2022 senate scenario that's shaping up.  Kudos to him for being even-handed in his assessment.

Keep in mind it's still very early.  But the tea leaves in the form of the generic ballot are currently leaning Republican (which is rare in polls), and the Let's Go Brandon sentiment is also quite strong at the moment.  There would have to be something very positive for Democrats on the horizon to swing the mood in the opposite direction it's headed now. And I don't think that's going to happen.

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