January 21, 2022

Good news

I haven't posted since Sunday, it's been an extremely busy week for me for a number of reasons, and it continues to be the case. In the interim, here's a good news projection for the 2022 election cycle from Red Eagle Politics.

The downside of the story is that thanks to some poor redistricting in some states, and some regional entrenchment, there is an upper boundary to how many seats the GOP can pick up in congress and the senate.  It doesn't matter if a GOP candidate in a liberal district loses 51-49 instead of 71-29.  A loss is a loss.  Speaking of which, state redistricting in Republican states was not as aggressive as it should have been.  So here's some free advice for state and local Republicans -  when you win, act like winners!! The Democrats have no compunction about doing so and that's why you are always ceding ground, not taking ground in the Overton window battle. Oh and conservative voters; you have to be more involved.  Get involved in the primaries and elect conservatives not RINOs. Just my two cents.

On other damper on the good tidings; this is January not November.  There's lots of time for things to change, for the better or worse. 

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