August 7, 2021

Google founder Larry Page skirting the system on health care

About a year ago Google co-founders Larry Page Sergey Brin stepped down as leaders of Google and Alphabet. Page, who has supported many liberal causes, appears to be taking advantage of the perks of wealth and is being less egalitarian when it comes to the health of his family.

According to Market Realist:

While Larry Page may not be a registered member of either the Democratic or Republican party, he has given money to Democratic candidates' campaigns. His political donations suggest that he is more liberal. Page has donated to campaigns that support same-sex marriage. He has also supported ballot measures on alternative energy.

...Google doesn’t hire staff based on their political affiliation. However, if political campaign donations by staff members are anything to go by, Google is still heavily liberal. For the 2020 election cycle, 88 percent of Google staff donated to Democrat candidates compared to 12 percent who donated to GOP candidates, according to the OpenSecrets website.

Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren received particularly strong financial support from Google staff for their presidential bids. Interestingly, Google continued to donate to Warren despite her proposal to break up the company and other big tech companies to curb their influence.

But in recent news, it appears Larry Page was granted special treatment in New Zealand when health care was required.  According to Stuff, Page is considered a New Zealand resident under some questionable conditions related to the health of his son. It seems that where his family's health is concerned, the liberal Page, is willing to use his wealth in ways that might shock progressives:

Kiwi businessman and philanthropist Sir Stephen Tindall, who knows Page personally, confirmed Page visited New Zealand because his young child required hospital treatment in Auckland.

Page, who is reportedly spending the Covid-19 pandemic in Fiji, has since left New Zealand, Tindall said.

Meanwhile, it was revealed in Parliament on Thursday afternoon that Page and his child were evacuated to New Zealand aboard a Kiwi air ambulance. The billionaire went into isolation on arrival, while his child was treated at Starship.

The article noted that billionaire Larry Page applied for a $10 million investor visa three months before he went into managed isolation at an Auckland hotel, while his child was treated in hospital. I wonder if Bernie Sanders would approve of this? That's rhetorical, publicly Bernie would pitch a fit but privately he would likely be fine with it because Bernie's a typical two tier socialist, just like Page; socialism for thee, special status for me.

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