July 22, 2021

"This is why we will win" is wrong

 I often hear conservatives look at something ridiculous the Left has done or observe how pompous they are being or how much they have overreached and they say "This is why we will win" or "This is why they will lose". It's wrong.  And it's thinking like that that makes me think, "This is why we will lose".

That sort of lackadaisical thinking is a recipe for failure.  Democrats will not lose because of something they have done, or gotten wrong or their hubris.  They will never admit to their base they got something wrong.  Their base doesn't care if they got something wrong either.  They often win because of their overreach.  Republicans lose because of their under-reach. And the same is true for elections: if we under-reach, if we do nothing and hope that obvious, common sense of the population will lead to victory for conservatives, this is why we will lose.

Action matters.  Democrats are willing to cheat, willing to change rules, willing to march, willing to do anything to win.  It's not moral but it often gets the results they seek.  We must, on the right, not expect the rest of the populace to open their eyes in numbers so large it overcomes the Democrats' efforts at subterfuge.  It rarely happens.  RARELY.  And in an era of win-at-all-costs on the left, it will not happen now.

Mobilization matters.  Money matters.  Hours of voluntary efforts at outreach (not protests which are frankly a waste) to moderate voters matter.  Organization matters.  Rules for Patriots matter.

Whenever I hear a conservative say "this is why we will win", I want to blow an air horn at them and yell "Wake up!" (well yell first because they'll be deaf after the air horn).  Smug complacency is not a recipe for success it is a substitute for it.  Effort.  Mobilization.  Money.  Strategy. Hard work in the face of a massive societal disadvantage. Action.  This is how we will win. Not why.  Why implies surety.  There is no surety. The only certainty is failure without effort.

Next time you hear a conservative offer that platitude, challenge them on it.

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  1. One could summarize it as: "The Conservatives are wearing red coats and marching in ranks, the Lefties are wearing dark colors and hiding behind rocks and trees"
    And we know how that worked out last time.


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