April 22, 2021

A mic drop moment on Voter ID laws

 This man blows away any argument against voter photo ID laws, and it's brilliant.


  1. Nowhere in the constitution does it say you must show I.D. to own arms.

  2. Democrats need victims they make victims out of everyone...that is how they make a base. Lie to them create a problem and fix it with money and laws over our freedom. I was a democrat once- they left me. Even GOP is bought off with Democrats by globalist who want to "own" the world. We must see truth before we lose everything.

    1. The only way to do that is to share what you know with those who do not. They aren't watching or reading freedom-loving outlets, so you have to rely on yourself to inform others rather than hope Fox News or someone else will get the truth out. It's an uphill battle for us, but one worth fighting.


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