March 22, 2021

Mainstream media pivot begins

 CNN cannot go after president Trump now that he has not been impeached and is not in the White House. They are losing viewers at an alarming (for them) rate.  What can they do? Pivot to the current occupier of the White House (who continues to remain nameless).  The border issue is the beginning.  He's going to become the 'bad guy'.  Well, more likely the unfortunate guy.  "He's a good man, he's in over his head.  He needs to step aside because he cannot manage the country."

The mainstream media, not just CNN, need a storyline.  It can no longer be Trump. It has to be a crisis of confidence in the White House.  "Kamala Harris needs to be president now."  The Nancy Pelosi foray into the 25th amendment talk last year was real.  For the media it is about the story.  For Democrats it's going to continue to be about blaming president Trump.

There will be a rift between Democrats and the media.  Only for a time.  They will coalesce again. But for now, while Democrats stick it to Trump blaming and the media harp on Biden's failures to secure a new storyline, this is an opportunity for Republicans if they are smart enough to seize it.

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