February 5, 2021

Why the far left are fooling themselves, and why conservatives must join them.

 If you are a progressive you have to be ecstatic right now.  You ousted Trump (by fair means or foul is inconsequential), and the mainstream media and social media Big Tech have conservatives on the run, about to be routed perhaps forever. You have a president who is willing to do whatever he told you and doesn't cares about the labor unions who supported him and now have workers getting laid off. Democrats control the house and senate and are trying to kick Republicans out of the house and senate entirely. As exciting as all of that sounds to you, you should be very, very worried. 

Progressives, you are fooling yourself and conservatives, now is the time to join with progressives to stop what all Americans, all Westerners, hell - all people of the world need to be are in danger of becoming.  Unnecessary.

I know that sounds strange but it's true.  I urge you to consider the following, before it gets to late to do anything.  If you are a progressive, conservatives do indeed sound radical and dangerous, but that is only if what you are hearing in the mainstream media is 100% true.  I urge you to consider taking in information from some non-traditional non-mainstream sources and see the news you are missing or are being filtered out of your line of sight. It's not going to harm you or poson your mind to look or listen. You may disagree with these conservatives, but they are not bark-at-the-moon crazy.  They have legitimate concerns that are not being addressed, and in fact it's worse - they are being silenced.

The concern you should have is that you are next.  Think about it.  If you were a dictator and wanted to move to an Orwellian police state, who would you need to silence first?  The gun-toting live free or die conservatives.  How do you silence them?   Make them look crazy and take away their ability to make a difference.  Silence them into submission and make them apologize for that which the do not need to apologize.  Herd them into a persecuted minority.  Once you have accomplished that, then you can do the same with those who are on board with your agenda because their agenda isn't actually your agenda.  They will have been useful puppets up to a point, but after the conservative  resistance is destroyed, the progressive crowd can be turned on itself similarly. Once there is no one left but the elite-supporting low-information proletariat the elite can do anything they want.  ANYTHING.  Their agenda is to achieve self-serving wealth-generating elitist goals. If there is no one left to fight back then they can do anything - lower the minimum wage, offshore all jobs, take away benefits, take away rights - whatever it takes to maximize their own wealth, at everyone's expense.  

These are not the 1%, they are the 0.001%. 

You don't believe me?  You realize that is exactly what Putin has done in Russia in his corruptocracy. He used to be Soviet KGB, now he's a self-serving elite. It's the same thing that exists in China but they are still functioning as a normal-appearing government.  This is what president Trump was railing against.  It's why they fought so hard to destroy him.  That you wanted him destroyed was mere convenience.  

You want to put conservatives in re-education camps?  What happens when it's your turn?  Doesn't that frighten you?  It should, because you are indeed next.  The elites do not want to change America to a more inclusive place, they want it more exclusive.  

Conservatives.  You've been abused by the left as much as by the elites of both parties.  You've been disillusioned by those you thought were on your side within the halls of power from Chief Justice Roberts, to Mitch McConnell to Paul Ryan to Bill Barr, all have let you down.  The truth is you have no allies there.  You cannot gain allies in the mainstream media or Big Tech.  Their goal is to eradicate your resistance to their agenda by negating you as a political force. Everything you try will be stopped sooner or later.  There is but one group that you can align with, if they realize it in time.  Progressives.

Why?  Because the underlying truth is that this  is not about conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, progressivism or even capitalism or socialism.  It's about those inside making sure that they work together to disenfranchise everyone who can stop them.  The only way to stop them is for EVERYONE on all sides of the political spectrum to but their grudges aside and focus on stopping the elite from fundamentally changing America. They do not want equality of opportunity.  They do not even want equality of outcome unless it is an outcome that maximizes their power and wealth and minimizes everyone else's.  We need allies, and we only need to awaken allies.  That takes incentives not invectives.  That's the only way to stop what's happening.  We need to awaken progressives to what's going on, not antagonize them.

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