January 1, 2020

Joe Biden, climate alarmist (?)

Joe Biden talks climate change and what he says is cause for concern.  True, if what he says is what he truly believes he will destroy the economy (um, while he cures cancer at the same time). Except look at how humdrum he is about it.  He doesn't believe this stuff. He's an inveterate liar.  That's just as much a cause for concern.

It's likely that Joe Biden if elected, would do a lot of damage to the American energy sector, but just enough to placate the green portion of the Democrat voter base.  He's lying about it because he's a liar.  He probably sees that as part of the job description for being a politician.  He probably sees president Trump as a liar and doesn't blink about it because it's part of the job.  President Trump is boastful and bombastic and prone to exaggeration, Joe Biden on the other hand is truly a liar.  He's an old guard Democrat who thinks he's better than you and therefore lying to you is no big deal.

On the other hand, maybe it's just his motivation that he's lying about.  I can't help but wonder if Joe Biden's zeal to eliminate the fossil fuel industry in America is just an attempt to get his son back on the board at Burisma Holdings in the Ukraine so he can continue to line his family's pockets.

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