January 20, 2020

Darrell Issa back?

Why'd you leave Darrell?  Why'd you leave?

Darrell Issa, whom I think was a good representative in Congress, was part of the mass retirement that helped Democrats win the house. His district, California's 49th district, was won by a Democrat. Interestingly now, he's not trying to win that district back but rather running in the 50th district in 2020. The incumbent was Republican (Duncan Hunter), was under indictment. In December he pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, and he resigned from Congress effective last week. So Issa, a likely winner in the district is unfortunately not going to provide a regain to Republicans, but probably a hold of the 49th.

Here's the thing - Issa is a good congressman. I liked him. But he did not run for reelection in 2018 when it was clear it would be a tough fight. And he's coming back not to recapture what he abandon, but to win in an easier district race. That's not emblematic of a fighter. It's concerning that Issa may not be a fighter any longer, and he may lack the same fight he exhibited in congress in the past. I hope I'm wrong. I hope there's a good Republican candidate in the 49th.

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