June 2, 2019

Trump Winning: China

Tariffs hurt consumers ultimately. But the goal is not to punish China directly for cheating mercantilism. The goal is to shift customer and manufacturer behaviors in America which ultimately hurts China and either induces them to change their behavior or else weakens them and strengthens America at the same time.

You can see in the video below there is a strong bias towards the status quo and against disruption but the trade imbalance, the intellectual property theft and the currency manipulation cannot continue or America will cede world leadership to a corrupt communist regime that values centralization above liberty, at any cost.

President Trump has been patient but bold and unflinching in the face of resistance across party lines at home, and retaliatory actions abroad. 

The president is taking needed action against America's slow and painful death by a thousand cuts from China and Mexico and NATO and others.  That alone should ensure him an electoral landslide in 2020 if voters are smart enough to recognize what is happening.

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