June 18, 2019

Is James Allsup Alt-Right?

I'm going through my YouTube related videos and one from James Allsup shows up.  I've heard of James Allsup but I don't think I have knowingly watched any of his YouTube videos.  So I do a Google search and Wikipedia and I see terms like Alt-right, Far Right, white supremacist, etc.  That's scary but I'm aware enough to know that just because the left labels someone a certain way that does not make it true.  In fact, most often it's a lie.

I mean come on, they labelled Ben Shapiro alt right at one point.  He's not.  He's an exceptionally gifted speaker, thinker and debater and they hate that,  so they have tried to vilify him and others like him.

I have seen articles about James Allsup vs. Ben Shapiro, I have seen articles about Allsup deleting content to scrub his past.  Again, these are secondary sources.  So I decided to watch a James Allsup video for myself.  I watched this one about Google being sued for anti-conservative, anti-white bias.

There's nothing overtly bad about this video, in fact he raises a lot of good points.

I'm hardly an expert on James Allsup at this point, so I will be doing more personal research and deciding for myslef. However, if you have an opinion and you are a conservative, tell me what you think in the comments below. If you are a liberal and reading this, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in your opinion: your side has committed so much slander on people like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and others that are legitimate thought leaders, that they have disqualified your opinions for me. You should be mad at your own shrill, slanderous loudmouths for doing that.

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