May 30, 2019

Remember when I said that impeachment was a distraction?

Way back a long time ago (earlier today) I mentioned that continued impeachment efforts are a distraction from real world issues that need to be addressed?  Here's another example.

An editorial by Liz Harrington at RealClearPolitics points out that the Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi are eyes-off-the-ball on the productive USMCA trade deal that the president negotiated last year but that Congress has yet to ratify.
“It all comes back to: Does this make a bigger paycheck for the American worker?” Pelosi said in 2015. “NAFTA did not, and our experience is not good.”

It used to be all about “bigger paychecks” for the current speaker of the House. But that was one month before Donald Trump launched his historic campaign that spoke directly to the forgotten men and women of America who had been left behind by trade deals.

We now have a better trade agreement for American workers. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA, will only make the best economy in modern American history stronger.

The deal negotiated by President Trump would add $68.2 billion to fuel an already booming economy and 176,000 new jobs. The USMCA continues the new era of prosperity under this administration, where America is a good investment again. The deal would drive $34 billion in new investments into American car manufacturing, creating 76,000 jobs in the process.
Nancy Pelosi is the house leader. Where is she? She's busy skirting impeachment discussions. But for the USMCA, skirting is not the right word. She's pretending to be blind to it's very existence.
Instead of working for all Americans and addressing issues of immigration, infrastructure, and trade, the do-nothing Democrats in the House are preoccupied with their Russia collusion fantasy, and endless investigations in search of a crime.

Pelosi knows the USMCA would receive bipartisan support, so she is stalling. The demands she made in April for Mexico to change its labor laws are being met. Tariffs on steel and aluminum have been lifted. There is now nothing holding Pelosi back.

Just as they are stalling on whether to begin impeachment proceedings absent a crime, the Democrats are delaying a better trade agreement for American workers – based on political calculations. If the USMCA means more support for President Trump and his pro-growth agenda in the next election, the Democrats aren’t interested -- regardless of how much the deal will help their voters.
That's completely true.  The question is whether voters will notice her deliberate distraction.  Let's hope so.

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