May 30, 2019

LOL: The impeachment talk is distracting from every issue

It's almost June. The year is approaching the half way mark a lot faster than anticipated for a lot of people. Quite a bit has happened this year, except from Democrats on Capitol Hill.  While they are stuck on impeachment delusion, the country continues to prosper, and geopolitical threats continue to exist.

China for example is talking about withholding rare earth metals in the continuing trade war with America.  Is that a sign they may not be willing or able to sell their U.S. treasuries (their nuclear option) despite some tough talk from the Chinese?  It's hard to say, but if you ask Democrats you'd probably get a confused look because impeachment sucks up so much oxygen in their world, there's no room for anything else.

Iran is saber rattling big time.  While the Washington Post and others might be disparaging the president's policy on the issue as incoherent or blusterous (it's neither, but that's for another day), Democrats are getting serious about the issue.  Wait, no they're still only talking impeachment.

Venezuela is trying to extract itself from the grips of a socialist driven starvation and poverty in an admirable exercise in attempted self liberation. The president is trying to help.  Democrats are talking about impeachment and subpoenas. 

The border crisis is ongoing.  Democrats are mustering their courage to begin impeachment proceedings.

I could go on, but you get the picture. Luckily, this will lead to Democrat electoral defeats across the board in 2020, because voters see a booming economy and real existential issues that still need to be confronted, both at home and abroad. Democrats only see impeachment. The singular focus of the Democrats is myopic and ultimately self-destructive.  In that light you have to wonder if A.G. Barr and president Trump knew that letting Mueller loose to repeat what he had already said, and (maybe) hint at congress to impeach the president would ultimately work in the president's favor.  I'm betting they did.

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