May 26, 2019

Oh wait, it IS political

CNN, CBS, the Washington Post and others have leapt to the defense of Nancy Pelosi (most links deliberately excluded), claiming that the footage of her struggling to communicate has been 'doctored' and 'edited'  to make it look like she is slurring her words.   The "three things" comment while holding up two fingers is not doctored.  Her stammering is not doctored.

We've been through this before where they claim the video has been doctored.  Remember Jim Acosta whacking the White House intern's hand away and the media claiming that video too was doctored?  This IS political, it is a circle the wagons around her media effort.

Just last year, The Daily Mail (who are currently defending her along with the other mainstream media) posted a video of Pelosi struggling:

I'm not saying that the recent video is real or fake, but the savagery of the mainstream media response is both predictable, and only adds to the suspicion that they are saying 'doctored' the same way they claimed the undoctored Acosta footage (it was edited to highlight the issue but not altered in content) was fake.  Their protests are too virulent to be treated as innocent.  I think Shakespeare once said something about that.

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