March 13, 2019

#WarOnFreedom - episode 2

The #WarOnFreedom - your freedom - continues, with the Democrat National Committee curbing free speech - they don't like Fox News so Fox News can't cover their primary debates, even though Fox News stood up for Jim Acosta when president Trump's team barred him from White House coverage.  Not surprisingly the mainstream media lined up behind the DNC.

Maybe Fox News will learn from this that they will never get a fair shake from the rest of the media, even though they have drifted slowly leftward over the years.

Tucker Carlson details the hypocrisy:

Why is this a #WarOnFreedom?  The answer is simple - anything the left can do to shut down opposing opinions they will do.  Hypocrisy, freedom of speech and freedom of thought do not matter at all in their calculus.

That is evil. 

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