March 14, 2019

Is Western civilization collapsing? Doomed?

It's hard not to wonder whether Western Civilization has run its course and is on the brink of collapse. As Paul Joseph Watson paraphrases, we've become morally, aesthetically and spiritually bankrupt.  Not to mention literally.

Civilizations rise on hard work, motivation, and ideals and fall on lethargy, self-indulgence and moral decay.  Perhaps rising to the top is easier than staying there.  Then again, China and Japan have endured for centuries going through both ascension and periods of decline.  Maybe final decline is not unavoidable as it was for civilizations and empires like Rome, the Mongols, the ancient Greeks or the British empire or even the Soviet Union. 

Maybe it's the case that empires decline while civilizations can and often do, endure.  Ideals held by the founders of the United States are bound to endure, perhaps at some point as mere embers rather than flames, but they will endure.  And as they say, embers can spark great fires.  We need only look to the fall of the Soviet Union to realize that bad ideas like communism and socialism do indeed continue when empires collapse.  The same will be true for the tenets embodied in the American Constitution.

All that sad, this is indeed scary:

There are indeed a lot of signs of being on the brink of the end.  But it is a good sign that Trump won in 2016, and that enough people realize that a bloated beaurocracy destroys a country to have made that happen.

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