February 9, 2019

MUST READ: Virginia Democrats call on Lt. Governor to resign - it's a set up!

Virginia's state Democrats are trying to save their control of the state in the face a three scandals involving the state's top Democrats.  Virginia's top 3 political figures, all Democrats, have all been implicated in either sexual or racial scandals.  Here's a quick breakdown:

Virginia Democrats have called on the African American Lt. Governor to resign, but not the white Governor. Conservatives have rightly seized on the inherent racism of those calls but they have overlooked the real problem. It's a set up.

If all three Democrat politicians were to resign, all three positions would be appointed by the Republican state legislature, thereby flipping the state to a Republican controlled state.

Here's the trap: that's only true if all three resign at the same time.  The Democrats however, by only calling on the Lt. Governor to resign are plotting for the governor to appoint a new Lt. Governor, free of scandal, before having to step down himself, thereby insulating themselves from losing control of the governorship. Then, when the inevitable does happen and all three of the scandal-plagued politicos are gone, a Democrat will still be in power due to the appointment and he or she can refill the other positions with more Democrats.

It's cynical. It's calculated and deliberate. It's being overlooked.  A triple impeachment should be on the Virginia state assembly agenda or more Democrats will be replace the disgraced trio and nothing will change.

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