January 9, 2019

Media wants to gatekeep president Trump's speech.

I didn't want to get too far into the media reaction to president Trump's speech but there is some scary stuff that they were suggesting as is summarized well in this video, which is otherwise primarily focused on fact-checking Chuck Schumer.

The whole video is great and offers some wonderful debunking of Schumer and his twin wicked-witch-looking response last night.  It's worth watching entirely but the first roughly 2 minutes focus on the media reaction that is tantamount to wanting the power of overt censorship.

It's interesting that Chris Cuomo is willing to say president Trump is not speaking propaganda.  I guess his feud with Don Lemon is his primary cause these days.  But in fighting that battle he has resorted to occasionally spitting facts.

But the rest of the media, deciding to be gatekeepers on what the president wants to say to the people of America is vile. It's also ironic that they want to be gatekeepers on speech (and really, thought) but do not want the president to be a gatekeeper on immigration.  The latter is Constitutional, the former is not, and more importantly it is unethical and immoral.

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