October 3, 2018

Midterms Matter: For Pennsylvania 7th District, please support Marty Nothstein for Congress

Marty Nothstein is known for his grit and determination and he's going to need it to win a seat in Congress. The Olympic gold medalist is currently trailing his opponent by a percentage outside the margin of error, but it is entirely NOT insurmountable.

With a story like this,  victory is within his reach:
A principled conservative who grew up with a deep sense of fiscal responsibility, Marty put those principles to work as county commissioner. In just two years, he helped restore and expand the county’s retirement home for the elderly and cut taxes on homeowners.

In addition to his public service and work as a small businessman, Marty owns and works a family farm, carrying on the agricultural legacy of the 7th District.

Now, Marty is running for Congress to put the same grit and determination to work for the people of the 7th Congressional District.

“America is the land of limitless opportunity. However, too often, Washington fails us because career politicians are only looking out for themselves and their friends. Instead of tax reform and health care reform, we get gridlock and cronyism,” says Marty.

“That has to stop.”
Let's hope he can pull out the victory for Pennsylvania despite the courts deciding to redraw districts to more liberal likings. Marty needs your help in this race that is bound to be tight.  He needs you to vote.   Please support his efforts; volunteer, donate or at least check out his positions on his website.  And by all means - vote.

Thank you.

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