May 28, 2018

There's something serious to this

Last week Gateway Pundit posted a somewhat humorous series of jabs about Hillary Clinton's desire to be CEO of Facebook.  The idea is silly.  Facebook would not be moving away from Fake News but literally embracing a specific agenda.  While Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg might share a political viewpoint with the heavily left-leaning former first lady and twice-failed presidential candidate, the move seems like it would invite far too much criticism to be a serious consideration for the company.

But the underlying issues are serious: (1) both Twitter and Facebook have exhibited anti-conservative activities, not just bias.  Gateway Pundit and Project Veritas have both exposed some of this in the past.  And the potentially more serious (2) Hillary Clinton is still seeking ways to warp the political direction of the country to both the far left and to ways that can somehow benefit her financially.

I can only speculate as to how (so I won't at this point), but there's no indication that those dual goals have been abandoned by the Clintons.  While the Democrats seem to finally be trying to distance themselves from the death grip of the Clintons, clearly Hillary is not ready to cede authority and will continue looking for new avenues to advance her agenda, even if it is not via the presidency.

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