April 16, 2018

Lyin' Comey, now it's a website

Worth a chuckle.  Former FBI Director James Comey has never been above politics.  He's never even been above being a self-serving swamp dweller.  His credibility stands up only if you are so blindly partisan that anything he says that helps your world anti-Trump view.

Even Democrats used to call him not credible when it was convenient for them to do so.  Of course their tune has changed, unlike conservatives and Republicans who were skeptical even when we thought he was 'one of us'.

When you see the liberal narrative imploding, it's hard not to laugh.  After all what do they have left if Lyin' Comey was their last, best only hope?  Country is on the wrong track?  Nope.  Tax cuts hurt the economy?  Nope.  Blue Wave?  Nope.

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