February 19, 2018

Here's a Good Question

How is it that the Russians supposedly knew to focus on Wisconsin in the 2016 election and the Hillary Clinton campaign didn't?   Watch John Podesta get asked that question on Face The Nation, and get flumoxed.

He has an answer as part of the broader context; "Russia mattered".  What mattered more is that the Hillary campaign was moribund, ill-managed and clueless.  In the Mueller indictment they also indicate that there was no impact on the election that resulted from these activities.

Podesta pointed out that the this focused only on the social media aspect of Russian interference (which incidentally after the election was directed full force at president Trump).  That's an interesting take given that if there was something much more palpable, like collusion, it would have come first, or at a minimum been mentioned as a pending part of the investigation. So, nope.

The liberal/media/liberal-media narrative has fallen apart.  They are scrambling to find another reason to discredit the Trump presidency.

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