December 31, 2017

THIS is Global Warming. No joke.

Explanations are at the ready for the recent cold, one scientist going so far as to say that global warming (a.k.a. climate change) will only be delayed by a possible mini-ice-age.  For real.

While this is a micro-level weather event, in a global warming scenario predicted by the likes of Al Gore, this is pretty much impossible:
A long-lived Arctic cold outbreak will remain entrenched across the Plains, Midwest, South and East through the first week of 2018, shattering more daily records and sending wind chills to dangerously cold levels.

The latest batch of Arctic air to arrive in the Lower 48 is gripping parts of the Midwest and East for New Year's weekend. This will be followed by another reinforcing shot of bitterly cold air during the latter half of the week ahead.
It's interesting that embedded within the findings of the mini-ice-age is the notion that no matter what the impact of human activity on global warming the sun always trumps us.

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