December 27, 2017

China's failed lesson learned

Never trust the people to understand the situation and act accordingly.  So says communist China which has apparently started repeating the mistakes of it's past in a localized version of the one child only policy.
SHANGHAI, Dec 26 (Reuters) - China's financial hub of Shanghai will limit its population to 25 million people by 2035 as part of a quest to manage "big city disease", the cabinet has said.

The State Council said on its website late on Monday the goal to control the size of the city was part of Shanghai's masterplan for 2017-2035, which the government body had approved.

"By 2035, the resident population in Shanghai will be controlled at around 25 million and the total amount of land made available for construction will not exceed 3,200 square kilometres," it said.
Controlled? That's the Orwellian dystopia that anti-establishment Americans realize America doesn't need.

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