November 9, 2016

Post-mortem reminders

🔺  A few reminders to myself about future posts on which to work:

1. What was up with the polls.  Yes, Trump's win was not a shock because Hillary's leads were typically  (though not always) within the margin of error.  BUT - they all had her ahead by more than 2 points except for the LA Times and the IBD poll.  The learning - polls need tweaking.

2. What should Trump's agenda focus on?  It's not a wall, it's the economy and jobs - that's where he can win a landslide re-election over Kanye West in 2020.  Jobs mean votes.

3.  How does this impact the rift within the GOP between #NeverTrumpers and the grassroots? See here for my initial thoughts.

4.  What now for Democrats? Do they go through the soul-searching exercise that Republicans did (though not well) after the McCain loss in 2008? Here's my initial assessment of the Democrats' response so far.

5.  What now for the media as 'loyal opposition'?

6.  What can we expect with a Trump presidency, and a Republican Senate and Congress?  How will Trump lead?  How will Republicans govern?

7.  What does the Trump win mean re: conservatism versus populism versus nationalism?

8.  Will we ever hear from Hillary Clinton after 2016?

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