November 13, 2016

60 Minutes Trump interview, still liberal bias

I'm watching the 60 Minutes interview with Donald Trump (his first since being elected) and there is indeed some liberal bias but what strikes me more is that Leslie Stahl is being very disrespectful to president-elect Trump, interrupting him in a way she would not dare or want to do if she were interviewing president Obama.  It's disgraceful.

And then there's the bias - she talks about people harassing Latinos but no word about Trump supporters being pulled from cars and being beaten.  That's not disgraceful but rather wholly one-sided.

The media has clearly not learned it's lesson - it's bias is killing the media itself.  But they'll continue doing it, just as they will continue losing viewers//readers, and continuing shrinking in importance and influence for the very reason that they cannot set aside their bias.

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