August 27, 2015

Thursday Hillary Bash - Wagons Uncircling

Alright, this may be a future candidate laying the groundwork for his own entry into the race to win the Democratic primaries for the nominee for president.  Nevertheless, Martin O'Malley says it's not a good idea to start circling the wagons around Hillary Clinton.
The former Maryland governor -- struggling to climb out of low single digits in national Democratic primary polls -- said Clinton will continue to be dogged by her use of a personal email address on a private server during her tenure as America's top diplomat.

"Until we start having debates, our party's going to be defined and branded by questions like: What did Secretary Clinton know, when did she know it, and when will the FBI conclude its investigation?" O'Malley told reporters in New Hampshire. "That's not a formula for success in the fall."

O'Malley went further than other Democratic presidential candidates have. Clinton's top-polling challenger, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has avoided direct intra-party attacks and instead trained his fire on Wall Street and Republicans.

He also criticized the Democratic National Committee for scheduling only six debates, saying those nationally-televised events are opportunities for the party to focus on big ideas, rather than Clinton's email drama.

"I think it's a big mistake for us as a party to circle the wagons around the inevitable frontrunner," O'Malley said Thursday.
Even a Democrat can be right about some things. The reason he's emboldened is the same reason Joe Biden suddenly looks serious about getting into the race; Hillary is in trouble.

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